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WineUp is like having a best friend sommelier at your side, answering questions, making recommendations, and passing on pertinent wine facts backed by 10+ years of professional wine service experience.

WineUp was launched by Lauren Volper in 2018. Working in the restaurant industry, she saw an incipient need for wine knowledge especially in the millennial market segment. What she noticed is that people were keen to recommendations, but did not know how to correctly express what their wine preferences were.

lauren volper

“My customers were commonly misusing wine lingo; confusing words like “dry” for “tannins”, thinking a cabernet franc is like a cabernet sauvignon, not ordering riesling because they think all rieslings are sweet. The more time I spent sorting through the misinformation, the greater I saw a need for a solution to people’s wine struggles. There is so much unnecessary pretension in the wine world, and it just does not need to exist that way anymore. I wanted to bring people together in an environment where they could feel their questions around wine could be answered instead of judged.”


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WineUp is for people who want to discover their taste preferences and immediately start making better wine buying decisions after just one session.

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