Why Wineup

WineUp is a unique wine education service that simplifies wine tasting and makes it an inclusive experience for all.


Wine Doesn’t have to be Confusing

Choosing which wine you like or want to order can be a simple, easy choice. But more than often, that is not the case.

We demystify the world of wine and encourage engagement, while providing our participants with a tool kit that can be used to make wine choices with confidence.

Make more educated wine decisions

Some concerns people have when ordering wine:


I don't know which wine to pair with food


I am unfamiliar with wine list choices


I feel like I am in a rut and always order the same thing


The Typical Wine Tasting Experience

The traditional wine tasting experience is a sales pitch with a few wine facts sprinkled into the presentation.

wine tasting

WineUp leverages over a decade of industry knowledge and consumer feedback. Through our experience we know what the sticking points are when it comes to understanding wine. We use and teach the deductive tasting method used by master sommeliers.


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Millennials account for 36% of US wine consumption – the largest market share of any demographic.

why wineup


Over 95% of millennials surveyed are interested in knowing more about wine.

Source: 2016 Wine Market Council Annual Report 


Level Up with wineup

Wine tasting tends to be a one-time occasion without ongoing knowledge by the market segment that wants to stay engaged and keep learning. WineUp will make sure that you master the wine basics, learn the lingo and uncover your taste preferences.

Unscrew the wine myths

Get answers to all your wine questions